Sushi Thai Restaurant

Japanese and Thai Cuisine


Side of Steamed Rice $2.00
Side of Fried Rice $3.00
Side of Plain Noodles $3.00
Side of Stir Fried noodles in Sauce $4.99
Extra Veggies $1.00

Sub Brown Rice $2.00 (price is per serving; some dishes require more than one serving)

Extra side of sauce or Garnish $0.50 each:

    Sweet & Sour Sauce    Sweet Chili Sauce     Satay Sauce     Crushed Peanuts     Hibachi Yum Yum

Hibachi Ginger soy     Katsu     Teriyaki     Lime     Lemon     Thai Donut Sauce

Thai Appetizers 


Spring Rolls $3.95

Homemade and delicately fried vegetarian spring rolls with sweet and sour sauce.

Sushi Thai Egg Rolls $5.95

Spiced marinated ground beef and chicken with sweet chili sauce.

Fresh Basil Rolls $4.50

Two rolls filled with leaf lettuce, fresh Basil and shrimp accompanied with plum sauce.

Fried Tofu $4.50

Crispy fried tofu to a golden crisp and served with chef's sweet and tangy chili sauce.

Crab Angels (5) $4.95

Seasoned cream cheese and crab meat on wantons serve with sweet chili sauce.

Satay Beef or Chicken (4) $5.95

Thai spiced marinated fillet, skewered, char-grilled serve on a bed of greens with pickled cucumber and peanut sauce.

Thai Soups and Salads

Tom Yum Soup

(chili paste, lemon grass, Mushrooms, tomatoes and lime juice)

     Large + $3.00

Chicken or Tofu $3.95

Shrimp $4.95

Seafood $5.95

Yellow Tail Collar $7.95

Tom Ka Soup

(Chili paste, galangal roots, mushrooms, lime juice and coconut milk.) 

      Large + $3.00

Chicken or Tofu $3.95

Shrimp $4.95

Seafood $5.95

Yellow Tail Collar $7.95

Larb Chicken Salad $6.95

Ground chicken spiced with cilantro, lime juice and red onion with mild spice, served on a bed of lettuce.

Beef Salad $6.95

Char-grilled beef dressed with cilantro, lime juice, cucumber, tomatoes, & red onion. Served on a bed of lettuce with mild spice.

Nam Tok Beef Salad $6.95

Char grilled beef dressed with a savory lime dressing, served on a bed of lettuce with rice, red onions, and cilantro. Mild spice

Papaya Salad $6.95

Shredded Papaya, tomato and green bean with lime dressing with mild spice.

Thai Dinner Entrees

For Thai Dishes choose level of spiciness 1-5 Stars

Your Thai dinner entree is served with your choice of Thai Soup of the Day OR Salad, with Fried OR Steamed Rice

Choose your add-on

Mixed Veggies-Tofu-Chicken-Pork-Beef:  $8.95

Shrimp or Squid: $11.95

Crispy Fish: $13.95

Non-Seafood Combination: $13.95

Crispy Duck (not used in Combos): $16.95

Seafood: $17.95

Pad Prik King

Fresh green beans and red bell pepper cooked with our delicious Thai-chili paste.


Broccoli and mushrooms cooked in our tasty signature brown sauce.


Stir-fried onions, scallions, bell peppers, and straw mushrooms cooked in our ginger sauce.

Basil Leaves

Basil leaves, onion, and bell peppers cooked with out delicious Thai-chili paste.

Garlic Lover’s

A bed of assorted vegetables served with our savory garlic-pepper sauce.

Cashew Nut

Bell peppers, garlic, and onions with cashews stir-fried in our peppery sauce.

Noodle Dishes

served with Thai soup of the day OR Garden Salad

Phad Thai (Thailand's National Dish)

A delicious dish made with Thai rice noodles, pan-fried with egg and bean sprouts, and garnished with fresh ground peanuts.

Spicy Noodles (Pad Kee Mau)

Rice noodles stir-fried with bell peppers, onions, and basil leaves in our Sushi Thai sauce.

Pad Woon Sen

Clear noodles, egg, bean sprouts, onions, and scallions sautéed in our sir-fry sauce.

Thai Fried Rice

Stir fried rice with Thai spices, eggs, onions, carrots, cucumber, and cilantro.

Pad See Ew

Flat rice noodles stir-fried with broccoli, carrots, and eggs.

Thai Curries

Served with either Steamed OR Fried Rice

Choose your add-on

Mixed Veggies-Tofu-Chicken-Pork-Beef:  $9.95

Shrimp or Squid: $12.95

Crispy Fish: $14.95

Crispy Duck: $16.95

Red Curry

Red curry paste cooked with coconut milk, bell peppers, bamboo shoots, and basil leaves.

Panang Curry

Our sweeter curry, Panang curry paste cooked with creamy coconut milk, bell peppers, and basil leaves.

Green Curry

Green curry paste with coconut milk, bamboo shoots, bell peppers and basil leaves.

Masaman Beef Curry 10.95

Slices of beef in our Masaman curry paste, served with onions, carrots and potatoes, finished off with slices of avocado on top.

Chef's Specials

For Thai Dishes choose level of spiciness 1-5 Stars

Thai dinner entree is served with your choice of Thai Soup of the Day OR Salad,with Fried OR Steamed Rice

Thai Royal Duck $16.95

One of the most popular Thai dish; the duck is roasted then fried to crispy and topped with pineapple, mushroom, cashew nuts

Sizzling Tofu $8.95

Sweet & Sour Fish $13.95

Crispy fried fish topped with pineapple and vegetables in our house sweet & sour sauce.

Chili Fish or Shrimp $13.95

Crispy fried fish or shrimp topped with homemade chili sauce.

Ginger Fish $13.95

Crispy fried fish or shrimp topped with sautéed shrimp, ginger, mushrooms, onion, and bell peppers in our ginger sauce.

Basil or Garlic Seafood $17.95

Shrimp, squid, mussel, scallop, and fish served in our basil sauce or garlic sauce.

Basil Duck $16.95

Half a marinated duck, de-boned, fried crisp, and topped with thai basil sauce made with fresh peppers, chilies, and onion.

★ Advisory: The consumption of raw or under-cooked foods such as meat, fish, and eggs, which may contain harmful bacteria, may cause serious illness or death.

An 18% gratuity will be added for parties of 6 or more.  Pricing and availability are subject to change.  Please check to confirm your order.

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ขอขอบคุณคุณ k̄hx k̄hxbkhuṇ khuṇ ("Thank you" in Thai). 

ありがとう Arigatō ("Thank you" in Japanese).